How to Start a Profitable B2b Podcast

What’s a B2B Podcast?

Podcast is an educational piece of content delivered through Audio-only or Video/Livestream Podcast.  Most podcast listeners consume their while commuting to work, during a workout session at the gym, while driving a car and to start their early morning routine.

B2b Podcasting are content produced to reach your ideal audience in your specific industry or niche.



Podcasting Stats in The US and The World.

  • As of January 2020, there are 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes available in more than 100 languages.
  • Podcasting Industry Reached $1B in 2021 through Advertising Revenue
  • Statistics show that 54 percent of podcast listeners are either somewhat or much more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast (eMarketer, 2019).
  • 39% of small and medium-sized businesses owners are podcast users. (Forbes)
  • Researchers found that 70-72% of business owners who have 100-500 employees listen to podcasts.
  • 74% of podcast users listen to podcasts to learn something new.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to be active on social media across channels and more likely to follow companies and brands.
  • 8% listen to podcasts more than 7 hours a week. (3)




Building Your Personal Brand and Scaling Your Thought Leadership Message Through Podcast.

1. Positioning yourself as a thought in your area of expertise.

In today’s digital age where information is abundant and literally can be found through Google Search. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to out-teach your competition and educate your customers through blogs, lectures, events, and seminars and of course Podcast.


2. Build your network and establish new relationships with key figures in your niche.

Like any B2b brand you speak to different stakeholder, prospects, and key buyers in your industry.  By having your own thought leadership platform (B2b Podcast) the sales process becomes shorter as your audience (Target Key Buyers) engages in your platform.


 3.Drive more traffic to your website.

Every time someone’s consumes your podcast it’s an opportunity to build awareness, to open a conversation and turn that interest into a lead generation activity and convert into sales! Content that’s establishes your credibility and authority is always a good investment in terms of time, energy, and money.


4. Create conversations optimized for brand building and conversions.

To make your B2b podcast make sense for you, you should always be talking to your prospective key buyers or engaging to them at least once a week through your episodes. Good B2b Podcast knows that it doesn’t matter if you have a 100 people listening to it as long as you’re communicating to the right 100 listeners.


5. Free your time from creating new content without doing major of the work.

 Building a B2b Podcast either through in-house or outsource requires an investment of time, energy and money, however with the right content strategy in place you can hit all the communication channels through a single episode.

 To give you an idea a single podcast episode can be repurpose to

  • Blog post
  • Social Media Text Based on LinkedIn (Transcript of interview)
  • 30-60 seconds sound byte video
  • Quotes / Quote Cards
  • 1 Long form post article on your website



6. Acquire evergreen content and backlinks for your website.  

Unlike traditional medium like articles, news / radio guesting interviews. Podcast content shelf life last longer 1-2 years unless your industry focus is in Tech, Saas, Innovation which can pretty much change in a heartbeat.

However, if you’re in B2b no matter the industry a great podcast serves you as the B2b Brand, Your Prospective Buyers, Existing Customers, Employees of the organization.


Result-Driven PR Strategies and Tactics That Builds Your Brand and Business 

Watch the 5 part Video Series.




We combine Podcast PR, 1:1 coaching, content marketing and distribution to remove the burden on your shoulders and focus on things that are important to you. Growing your business!

Social Media, Print, and Podcast Industry Insights


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Welcome to the Drive to Succeed Podcast, welcome everyone to another episode of the drive to succeed podcast. If it’s a first time tuning in today, my name is Danielle, the host of the show this podcast exists to bring you new knowledge, wisdom and truth in the world of entrepreneurship and self-development.

Today I just wanted to record a quick audio and talk to you about social media print and podcasting. Yesterday, actually I just celebrated my birthday with my wife. It was a fantastic and intimate dinner and the reason I’m recording this is because I receive an email a couple of days ago about podcasting news and JLD from EO fire. If you already know who he is, if your podcast listener, you know he built a seven-figure business and three thousand episodes with a hundred million downloads. One of the reasons for his success is he come out to other people’s podcast and leverage other people’s podcast.

Now some of you might ask Danielle ‘Why should I start a podcast or why should I be on other people’s podcast? I’m already on Instagram, I’m already on LinkedIn or I’m already on Facebook?

You know, there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you think about it, Most of these platforms, you have a 50/50 percent chance that your content that you produced will just be swiped up and ignored.

I might be a little bit biased here, but let’s face it, these platforms are paid to play platforms right, meaning you need to put in the dollars for more people to see it, because it is an advertising platform.

Now the question is if you produce an hour of content for a five or ten second reel on Instagram, and nobody sees it what’s the point, right?

But I think it’s really interesting, because JLD (John Lee Dumas) comes out to twenty podcast per month to share his message and share what he is all about which contributes to if you use other people’s podcast you’re actually tapping into their audience, you’re actually tapping into their communities.

And there’s nothing wrong, going on print media with half a million readers or more or you know, the traditional media of like Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur Magazine, there’s nothing wrong with it, but the problem is, if you have a small amount of audience your targeting, then what’s the point of going into these platforms,

However, if you go to other people’s podcast like this, like you’re listening right now, imagine your voice being listened to an audience where they are already hyper engaged. Right. They come back to that podcast every week or every other day it doesn’t matter what the frequency is it’s just that’s your voice directly into their earbuds.

We combine Podcast PR, 1:1 coaching, content marketing and distribution to remove the burden on your shoulders and focus on things that are important to you. Growing your business!