Should you start a corporate podcast? 

Before you decide whether if you should start a corporate podcast or not. 

Here are key statistics on podcasting in UAE. 


  • 76% of the population are familiar with the term podcasting
  • Regular podcast listeners spend 26% more than non-podcast listeners
  • 93% of people who listen to a podcast, finish it
  • A third of podcast shows are in Arabic
  • 16% of the population now tuning in at least weekly
  • Listenership in the UAE is on a par with the UK. It is also creeping up behind the USA – which is for now, the world’s premier podcast market. 


How does a corporate podcast work? 

A corporate podcast also called as an internal podcast is designed for the employees at your company.  The goal of an internal/company podcast is to deliver important information to employees and give them the tools and strategies to be successful and better at their role. It’s also one way to create better engagement among stakeholders.

Here are some podcast episodes you can create:

  • Build your company culture by sharing success stories of your employees.
  • Make important announcements.
  • Interview team members and stakeholders.
  • Get inside the mind of the management team.
  • Onboarding information for new hires.
  • Promote upcoming events. 

The best podcast are the ones that promotes genuine human interaction, meaningful lessons and personal success stories of success and failures. 

You should start a corporate podcast if you fall in one of these categories.

  • Companies that have a huge amount of remote workforce.
  • Companies who value building company culture the most.
  • Companies with lots of employees and grow on a constant basis.


Why start an internal corporate podcast? 

  1. Podcast is easy content to consume – your audience can enjoy your content anytime, and anywhere. They can listen while in their commute, while prepping breakfast, or while in the gym exercising.


  1. Podcast can reach people working in different geographic locations such as remote workforce – It is a great tool to provide onboarding information. Keep them informed, engaged and align with company’s values and leadership.


 3.Podcast is a form of evergreen content – you record it once and distribute it to as many people and stakeholders as you want. Unlike on a corporate presentation, some people would like to be engaged on an emotional and cognitive level through audio.


  1. Podcast let’s your employees’ access to leadership – If your organization runs through the hundreds or the thousands, most employees never speak or see the leadership team, a corporate podcast is a great opportunity to let your management team speak directly to people on a regular basis.


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